Direct Taxation

Direct Tax consultancy.
Computation of Total Income under Income Tax Law.
Computation of Total Wealth under Wealth Tax Law.
Preparation and filing of returns under various direct tax laws like Income Tax, Wealth Tax etc.
Valuation of Stocks, securities etc. for the purpose of various direct tax laws e.g. Wealth Tax, Income from Capital Gains etc.
Tax Planning.
Drafting of relevant deeds, documents, schemes etc.
Preparation and filing of returns under various Indirect Tax Laws like Excise Law, Central Sales
Classification and valuation under various indirect tax laws.
Procedural Compliance under various direct and indirect tax laws e.g. Tax Deduction/Collection at source, interest for late payment of taxes, appeals etc.
TDS Returns Filing
Revision of Returns
Tax Help
Counseling by Expert Professionals
Personalized Services
Tax guidance
Advance Tax
Calculation of TDS
Reminder of due dates for all taxes and laws.
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